How to Find a Private Tutor in Brisbane

There are no two ways about it: school is tough. On one hand, you have to worry about keeping up in class and passing exams. On the other, you fret about social competition and finding your place. You’re somehow managing all of this while still trying to figure out who you are and what life is all about. And we haven’t said anything about parental expectations. They weigh on you too.

So it comes as no surprise that, sometimes, a student needs a helping hand. Someone they can talk to; someone who can help them figure things out. Whether those things are academic – maybe you’re having trouble in a particular subject, or you just have trouble getting and staying organised, a tutor can help. 

What Type of Tutor Do You Need?

Unsurprisingly, tutors are not all cut from the same cloth. Of course, you’ve probably figured there would be a difference between Maths tutors and English tutors. But tutors specialising in specific subjects aren’t the only distinction we can make.

Let’s say you’re getting ready to sit school leaving exams. You have several subjects to prepare for but should you hire a tutor for everyone? Or maybe some sort of general-purpose tutor who knows about all the subjects you’re to test in? No, you need a test prep tutor. One who can teach you all the best test-taking strategies. 

What if you’re having trouble staying focused while doing homework? Again, you might engage a tutor specialising in the subject you’re having the most trouble with. But wouldn’t it make more sense to work with a homework-help tutor? Such a one could teach you how to stay on task and introduce you to techniques so you’ll be more productive.

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What if you’re just having a rough patch? You can’t seem to get things together, you’re disorganised and always late to class. You keep skipping assignments, you can’t find your book bag – or, for that matter, your books. This situation calls for an academic coach who specialises in getting to the bottom of your situation.

You might have underlying issues that make it difficult to keep track of school matters. Academic coaches have the knowledge and experience to tease out why you’re having such a hard time. They will ask you what’s going on and help you find your way back to the academic success you know you’re capable of.     

How to Choose the Right Tutor

Thinking about the type of tutor you need is just the first step in your tutor searches. Now you need to consider more general points such as where you would like the tutoring to take place. Some students don’t mind going to a tutoring centre once or twice a week; others would rather the tutor come to theirs for lessons. You might prefer to have lessons online.

Meeting your tutor online or in a tutoring centre could mean a lower per-lesson price. That’s because your tutor doesn’t have to travel to meet you. Tutoring can be pretty pricey; if you can shave a bit off of those fees, all the better.

That doesn’t mean you should automatically look for the least expensive tutor; only the least expensive one for your needs. You don’t have to look for the most qualified tutor, either. Two levels higher than you is the general rule of thumb. So if you’re just starting high school, someone two grade levels higher than you might do you just fine. Provided they’re the right fit in all the other ways, of course.   

Finally, any prospective tutor should have some training and/or tutoring experience. An inexperienced tutor might not spot whether you’re having difficulties understanding the concepts they present. They might not have the communication skills needed to explain things clearly. And they might not have developed the patience needed to work with struggling pupils.  

How to Find a Tutor in Brisbane

Now you know: you have to look for the right tutor for your needs. One who is trained or has some experience tutoring, who will deliver lessons in the environment you prefer at a price you can afford. And, of course, who is knowledgeable in your study subjects. It sounds like a lot of boxes to check, doesn’t it?

In fact, finding tutoring in Brisbane needn’t be hard at all. You could ask your teachers, friends and family if they could recommend someone. A tutor others recommend must be valuable, indeed! Those recommendations mean that the tutor in question has the needed experience. More than that, it signals that they’ve done so well that they’ve earned those glowing reviews.

You might spot a flier on your supermarket bulletin board or at the library that advertises private tutoring services. Or maybe you’ve seen tutoring adverts on Gumtree. Don’t discount them straight away. Any tutor going through that much effort to advertise their business might be just who you’re looking for. It may be worth your while to get in touch, just to see what they have to offer.

Should you take that route, be sure to have a list of questions ready. You’ll want to ask about their tutoring experience and why they became a tutor. You’ll also need to know about their education levels and whether they’ll deliver lessons online or in person.

Besides contracting with a tutoring agency, searching through tutor profiles online is the easiest way to find a tutor. You might head directly to the Australian Tutoring Association page. You only need to enter the subject you need tutoring in and your location to get a list of tutoring companies and independent tutors.

You might also search for commercial tutoring platforms. The best sites allow tutors to create a profile that lists their educational background, tutoring experience and preferred lesson delivery methods. You’ll see how much they charge per hour and whether they give any discounts. Best of all, you’ll be able to read testimonials from the students they’ve taught.   

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