International Students

Scholarships for boarding school students in Australia can be a great way to cut some of the costs associated with this type of schooling. There are two basic, separate components to the cost of boarding schools in Australia. These are:
– Academic (tuition) fees, and
– Boarding fees
Matching these two cost components there are two separate types of scholarships available for boarding school students. These are:
– Academic scholarships, and
– Boarding scholarships
Boarding schools most commonly offer academic scholarships which are available to all students attending the school whether they be boarding or day-school students.

These academic scholarships can have a slightly different focus depending on the school. One of the qualities commonly looked for before awarding a scholarship is academic ability. However it is also becoming more common for schools to evaluate scholarship applicants on a combination of talent and well-roundedness.

The scholarship itself can be either all or part of the tuition fees, depending on the school, the student, and the evaluation process.

Boarding scholarships are less common than tuition scholarships and are usually determined by need or whether it is believed to be necessary to award a boarding scholarship to support an academic scholarship.

Search the boarding schools to find their individual policies regarding academic and boarding scholarships for boarding school students and to determine the types of situations in which a scholarship will be awarded.