International Students

Boarding schools for International students in Australia make sure all students receive a friendly welcome which is backed up by the experience and structures in place to guide them both personally and academically as they progress through their schooling.

Australia has become a popular choice for overseas students wanting to live and study at a boarding school and this can become the basis for a lifetime of achievement, personal development, and friendship.

International students from non-English speaking backgrounds (NESB) can benefit from an immersion in English language instruction, providing an excellent preparation for study in an English speaking university. Boarding also provide a cultural immersion through a smaller, structured enviroment which can support NESB students in a way which is not available elsewhere.

All overseas students at boarding school in Australia obtain the benefit of having a focused approach to academic and personal development, with a concentration on tertiary studies preparation at college or university. There is also the opportunity to develop life-long friendships with students from around the world, having exposure to people from different religious, geographic and linguistic backgrounds. Boarding students learn to live independently while simultaneously learning to contribute to and participate in a diverse school and local community.

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