Back-to-School Tips During the Ongoing Pandemic

In March 2020, the coronavirus started spreading around the globe, and many schools were forced to temporarily shut their doors. Most kids were able to attend online classrooms from the comfort of their own homes to help reduce transmission of the deadly virus, but recently most children have been able to go back to school. 

Modern technology has been key to education during these unprecedented times, however, many children and teachers found online classrooms not as effective as traditional classes. A lot of children found it difficult to concentrate, and teachers found it challenging to control their students while working online. Many families found the situation very difficult. Having children stay at home morning, noon, and night was never going to be easy, especially for those who have more than one child. 

Although there are schools still closed due to the pandemic around the world, most countries have decided to reopen them. This is fantastic news for teachers, parents, and students!

Ask the School for information

Before you start preparing to send your kids back to school, it might be worth your while asking the school’s staff members for advice. Most schools will have provided parents with information, but if they haven’t, consider asking these questions:

  • How many children and teachers or other faculty members are allowed in a classroom at one time?
  • Do students and staff have to wear their masks during class?
  • How are they going to encourage and control social distancing in and around the school?
  • Is there a sink in each classroom where kids can wash their hands? 
  • Will there be soup and other sanitizing products in each classroom or do children need to bring their own?
  • How will they encourage children to keep their hands washed? 
  • Is there a trained medical member of staff working in the school?
  • Will there be any extracurricular or after-school activities going on?
  • Will the children be able to take part in physical education? 
  • What happens if a pupil or a member of staff contracts Covid-19? 

Knowing all this information will help you understand a lot more about how the school plans on taking care of your children. 

Set a Good Example

Even parents who are fully vaccinated against the virus should still be cautious. Experts are still advising us to practice social distancing, wear masks and keep our hands clean, even for those who have received both shots. There are a lot of different variants that are proving to be even more dangerous than the first strain, so we are warned not to let our guard down. 

Children are very impressionable, and they often copy everything their peers do. Telling your child to wear a mask and practice social distancing without doing it yourself is pointless. They will watch how you act at home and in public, so don’t forget to follow the same rules you have set out for your child. Getting your kids to help you with sanitizing counters, replacing soap and other things around the house is a great way of teaching them what they should do during these strange times. 

What must the Children Bring to School?

Before the big day comes, and kids are getting ready to go back to school, preparation is vital in making sure the process goes smoothly. Consider making a checklist so you don’t forget anything.  

  • Face mask: Face masks can get damaged, so consider packing at least one spare mask just in case anything goes wrong. 
  • Hand sanitizer: There are a wide variety of hand gels readily available in most pharmacies and grocery stores. 
  • Pencils and pens: Make sure your child has plenty of pens and pencils. You don’t want your child having to borrow any items from other children during the pandemic. 

For more information about stationery items, check out these school supplies at Office National.

Keep in contact with the School

The school might chop and change the rules during the pandemic. A lot of schools send out newsletters by email to kid’s parents on a regular basis, but if not, it might be a good idea to make contact once in a while to see how they are dealing with the situation. Keeping an eye on the operating procedures and other policies will help you and your child prepare.

Before the pandemic, parents had to go to the school a few times a year for “Parent Teacher” meetings, however, most of these meetings are held online these days. Most schools give parents plenty of notice to make sure they are available. If you have a busy schedule, it might be good to ask the school in advance for the date they plan on holding the meeting. This way you can reorganize your schedule so you don’t miss it. 

Some schools have social media accounts where they share information with parents and pupils. If this is the case, and you too have an account, following them is an easy way of getting information fast. 

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