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List of Boys Boarding Schools in Hobart / Tasmania

Boys Boarding Schools in Hobart Tasmania

Boys boarding schools in Hobart provide a valuable service in delivering an educational and living environment specifically geared towards the needs of boys as they grow to become young men.

The single-sex learning and living environment in one of the Hobart boys boarding schools means that both academic and life lessons can be tailored so they are interesting to boys who can then play a responsive and active role in the learning process.

NOTE: This list is for "boys only" schools. Boys can also attend co-educational (co-ed) boarding schools which have both boy and girl boarding students.

Name: The Hutchins School
Religious Affiliation: Anglican
Girls: No
Boys: Primary & Secondary
Address: 71 Nelson Road, SANDY BAY, 7005, TAS, AUSTRALIA
Website: The Hutchins School

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